Recovery Traction Boards by X-Bull (Value Item)

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  • Reasonable design: X-BULL track adopts the specific elastic design. It uses a U-shape to maintain its own stability and grip, and provides a strong gripping ability to prevent the vehicle from sliding or dislocation. At the same time, the track can help off-road vehicles without dragging or pushing. It is truly convenient and as a product worth buying. You can not miss it!
  • Dimension: (920×320×125 mm for each one).The main material is reinforced strong nylon which can strengthen the weight, impact and UV resistance. Besides, it can offer 10 tons of load capacity on the flat ground. There are many colors for your reference(such as black, yellow and red etc.), you can choose it freely.
  • Safety guarantee: X-BULL will offer the highest satisfaction guarantee and efficient, timely and friendly customer service. In addition, we will provide return or replacement of accessories within one year.
  • Excellent capabilities: X-BULL raised tracks can effectively enhance its own friction, and it can also prevent your car from getting stuck. It uses its specific structure to provide emergency traction for vehicle tires, prevent car tires from spinning in harsh environments such as snow, sand, mud or ice, thereby reducing the possibility of injury. It is suitable for all vehicles.
  • Ideal use: In addition, compared with other tracks, X-BULL’s small track is shorter in size and easier to carry. It will totoally bring more convenience for off-road use.


Prevent your vehicle’s tires from spinning when stuck Snow, Mud, Sand, or Ice!


Works with 2WD and 4WD Vehicles

Prevent your vehicle’s tires from spinning when stuck Snow, Mud, Sand, or Ice!

Suggested tire pressures should be adjusted to meet the requirement of the vehicle.

  • Suggested Tire Pressure
  • Rocky terrain: 15 psi
  • Soft Sand: Deep silt, soft sand – 8 psi
  • Beach sand: 10-12psi
  • Mud: 15psi depending on bottom (compensate for rocks/holes/branches)