1 thought on “Pevine Train Tracks Traps Another

  1. Hello everyone, my name is Thomas, and that is my Jeep in the photos above. I would like to extend the upmost gratitude to the 775OFR team for recovering my vehicle. As someone who takes part in off-roading, it is my responsibility to understand both the laws of the land and the dangers of off-roading. My ignorance led me to this instance, and if anything can be gained from this experience, it would be a lesson learned in preparation and capability. Be diligent in your scouting, be sure to retain recovery gear, and again, learn the laws of the land prior to embarking on your journey.

    The 775OFR crew were quite honestly some of the most knowledgeable, kind people I have had the pleasure of preventing a catastrophe with. Throughout the entire recovery experience, I was educated on what the team was doing, and what I could do to prevent such an instance from happening again. Not only did the team recover my vehicle, but they did so in a way that prevented damage to my vehicle.

    Thank you, 775OFR, maybe I’ll get stuck in a safer location next time, just so I can hang out with you all again.

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