Our Mission

We are a volunteer organization that has chosen to undertake the role of community organization, community outreach, providing training and workshops to the community, removing and recovery of stuck, stranded, abandoned or damaged vehicles from BLM land, USFS Land, Forest Service Roads and other offroad destinations while working with state and federal agencies that oversee those same roads. We work and are designed to respond quickly to threats to health, welfare and safety. 775 OFFROAD & RECOVERY will deploy qualified volunteers with a dedication to public service and the offroad community.

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Our Services


Even though many know what they are doing, a baseline standard of training is the only way to make sure our members and volunteers are safe and reduce vehicle damage.

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Mistakes happen and when you are off road, not many people can get to you to help. Our members and volunteers have the knowledge, training and equipment to get you pointed in the right direction.

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Cleaning, Restoring and Protecting our trails, camping areas and nature. Our organization setups and executes community service projects based on the current needs.

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For Emergencies, Dial 911. We are not an emergency service, medical provider or a towing company.

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775 Offroad Recovery, Nevada Offroad 4×4 Rescue is a non-profit organization. Our team is required to complete specific training requirements to deploy in the field. Most other clubs or groups don’t have these training requirements and you could get an inexperienced person that could easily damage your vehicle or cause loss of life.